Carver Skateboards

Carver Skateboards

Officially licensed online shop of Carver Skateboards for New York City.

Carvers take the sidewalk surfing concept of old school skating to the extreme. They're designed to emulate the feel of surfing while skateboarding, great for practicing your form when you can't get waves and for straightforward cruising.

Due to the weight and size of Carver shipments, we have three tiers of domestic shipping. "Heavy Shipping" is for the contiguous 48 states, "Heavy Shipping (Puerto Rico)" is for Puerto Rico orders, and "Heavy Shipping (Alaska and Hawaii)" is for shipping to the non-contiguous US. The options should appear at checkout, please select the appropriate shipping option for your location.

Free shipping is available for East Coast orders with checkout code CARVER2022. Only applicable to East Coast orders. Other regions will not be honored.

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