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Our physical shop is currently closed due to the Covid-19 pandemic but we are processing all online orders. We appreciate your support in helping to keep our independently run shop operating during this difficult period. During May, we are offering FREE shipping on all Carver orders. Just enter "CARVER2020" at checkout

Due to inventory shortage and Covid restrictions, all Carver orders will take 20 business days to process! We are also only shipping orders for now - we will not be doing curbside pickup for Carver completes. Please bear this in mind when you place your order.

Officially licensed online shop of Carver Skateboards for New York City.

Carvers take the sidewalk surfing concept of old school skating to the extreme. They're designed to emulate the feel of surfing on while skateboarding, great for practicing your form when you can't get waves and for straightforward cruising.
Are you unsure what size deck you need? Check the graphic below as well as Carver's "Surfskate Selector" section on their webpage for more details on deck and truck styles 

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