Odysea Surfboards

Now in stock - The 2019 quiver of Odysea foamies! The Spring Collection comes with a gnarly range of new boards, different graphics for old favorites, and more cool collaborations with Lost and Barry McGhee (quad setup in 2019).

The Pro Series range will include JOB, JW, Taj, Noa Deane, Kalani, Tyler Stanaland and Harry Bryant. We will have the JOB 5'6, 6'0, 6'6 in thrusters and quads.

The 7'0, 8'0, 9'0 Logs and Planks are back with different graphics and an all new Blank Series.

To order any of the 2019 Odysea call us on 347-987-3825 or email craig@aegirboardworks.com.

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