O'Neill Heat 6/5/4 Mens Wetsuit

The Heat is stuffed with high-end features and materials: Built with 100% of our ultra gooey UltraFlex DS Neoprene. FluidFlex™ Firewall in the chest and back make this suit warmer and more flexible than previous years. The Heat also includes exterior Fluid Seam Weld, redesigned zipper panel, Red Zone Zipper, retro graphics and easy-in-easy-out usability
  • Hooded Fluid Seam Weld Full Suit
  • Code Red Urethane Coated Front Zip
  • 100% Super Stretch Neoprene 60% Fluid Foam 40% Ultralfex
  • Strategic Seamless Paddle Zone
  • Firewall X Type Interior Chest

Type: Wetsuit

Vendor: O'Neill

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