5’10  Cymatic
5’10  Cymatic

5’10 Cymatic


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Next batch of Cymatic should be in stock 5-10th May. If you want one of these gems for summer let us know before April 30 and we can add it to our bulk order (free shipping). 

The Cymatic is the natural hybrid of the Scifi and Omni models, continuing Tomos evolution of minimalistic highly engineered modern planning hull designs. Featuring a slightly more pulled in double bat tail, deeper quad inside single concave and increased rocker relative to the scifi, the Cymatic is an Avant Garde’  Ultra high performance Machine. Wave range 1-6ft

Surfboards can be bought online but are only available for IN-STORE PICKUP ONLY.

5’10 x 20 3/8” x 2 3/4”

Volume: 36.4L