5'10" RPD
5'10" RPD

5'10" RPD


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5’10 x 19.5 x 2.5

From the shaper;

DESIGN CONCEPT: This board is designed to go fast and feel more responsive when going rail to rail as the narrower tail block gives you quicker directional changes. Design concept is closer to the Pro I and Pro II which are modernized 90’s/early 2000 boards. Width and volume should not be a consideration for you when choosing this model as they are both minimal but it can be customized. You should surf it with tri fin set up and should be ridden as long as you are tall or maybe an 1″ taller.

Aegir - this board has been surfed a couple of times. Has no dings or deck depressions and it’s in great condition. If you want a high performance board for the quiver and dont want to spend $800, then this board is a good option. Ready to rip. 

Volume: Approx 30L