6'0 Rusty Dwart

Regular price $ 850.00

The Dwart is a highly versatile and performance-driven surfboard design. The name "Dwart" originates from "Double Winged and Rounded Tail" defining the board's all-around capabilities. Engineered to be the go-to board for 90% of the waves we surf, the Dwart boasts a high-volume design, allowing it to be ridden 4-6” shorter than traditional shortboards. The Dwart offers effortless wave-catching and impressive speed, due to its minimal rocker and fairly thick profile. A fuller rail, transitions into a foiled-out tail offering maximum backfoot leverage. The Dwart features a relatively flat rocker, transitioning into a slight single concave at the middle, evolving into a defined double concave and flat out the tail. Dwart’s distinctive double-winged tail provides a skatey feel while maintaining control in larger waves. With a versatile 5-fin setup, you can easily switch fin configurations based on varying conditions. Suitable for surfers of all levels, this board promises fun.

6'0 x 21.0" x 2.56"
Volume: 36.6
5-Fin Futures Setup