Firewire Greedy Beaver
Firewire Greedy Beaver
Firewire Greedy Beaver
Firewire Greedy Beaver
Firewire Greedy Beaver
Firewire Greedy Beaver


Firewire Greedy Beaver

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Next batch of Greedy Beavers are in stock through October (23) and November  so come get your grubby mits on one of these beauties. Call us on 347-987-3825 or email if ya wanna reserve one of these beauties or order a different size.  

The Greedy Beaver is a board we are so stoked on. This is a board that makes sense for East Coast surfing and for those surfers that want to step down from a longboard or a foamie. A couple of things we like:

  • There is plenty of volume at the nose so it paddles like a longboard. More paddle power equals more waves. This is handy if you aren’t exactly “surf fit” or you don’t consistently surf. 
  • The tapered tail means you can easily get this board turning.
  • This is a shorter board with lots of volume so the Greedy Beaver can be ridden in smaller sizes. Why ride a longboard with 54L when you can shred on a 6'10" with the same volume.
  • TimberTek construction so this board is super light. Throw it under your arm and you will be surprised how light these boards are.
  • TimberTek construction equals a strong and durable board. This is a board you can travel with and not stress about it going to be busted. The resale value of these boards after 2-5 years is high as there aren’t going to be deck depressions on these boards. 
  • Firewire’s TIMBERTEK has by far one of the least toxic and smallest carbon footprints of any commercially available surfboard.

Fins - 5 fin setup in Futures or FCS II (limited stock). Ride it as a Thruster but we prefer to ride it as a Quad. We have Futures and FCS II fins in stock. Fin are not included but there's a nice little 15% discount on any surf accessories (fins, leashes, board bags) when you purchase a Greedy Beaver at Aegir. 

Call the shop or swing by if you have questions about sizing. 


6'4" - 43.6L
6'6" - 46L
6'8" - 49.1L
6'10"-  52.1L