6'8 NSP Dream Rider
6'8 NSP Dream Rider
6'8 NSP Dream Rider
6'8 NSP Dream Rider


6'8 NSP Dream Rider

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The PU Dream Rider is a more exotic alternative to our regular mid-length funboards. Polyurethane and fiberglass construction has those distinct characteristics that surfers embrace who are looking for a product with a more classic and artisan feel.

Rail: Full, tucked edge
Bottom: Flat Vee
Ideal waves: 1- 6ft
Level: Beginner – Expert


A longer performance board with features for both the aspiring surfer and style-conscious looking to fire up their surfing with a fun and versatile surfboard for catching more waves.
Stable and performance-orientated for fast-tracking skills, ample nose area which adds paddle power for easy wave catching and drive in smaller waves.
The exotic double wing rounded pintail maximizes stability and shortens the radius of the turn giving a quicker and snappier riding board.­­

Fin Box:
The PU Dream Rider is available with NSP’s new FTU fin boxes (compatible with Futures® fins).

The NSP Dream Rider is a Kym Thompson shape.

Length Width Thickness Volume (L)
6'8" 20.5" 2.5" 39.3L
6'10" 20.75" 2.5" 40.8L
7'2" 21" 2.5" 42.4L
7'6" 21.5" 2.5" 48.9L