6'8" Rusty Not So Moby Fish

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The Moby Fish has been an extremely popular board for almost 2 decades and most were made in the 7’6 and up range. A couple years ago, people started asking Rusty for something shorter and a little more pulled in, less entry rocker, and more tail rocker. It’s tough to call it a Moby Fish. Thus, the Not So Moby Fish (NSMF) was born. This board is suitable for all skill levels and will do very well in a wide variety of conditions. The tail is pulled in and has a bit more kick than the Moby Fish to loosen the tail and tighten the radius of the turns. The lower entry rocker helps it paddle better.

6'8" x 21.23" x 2.85"
Volume: 46.3L
5-Fin Futures Setup