9'4" Cactus

Regular price $ 500.00

This 9'4" Cactus longboard is in good condition. Plenty of volume and this board would be a sick board to learn to ride a log or just to ride in small waves.

Fin setup - 2+1. Note, this board has glassed on marine ply side bytes. A single fin is not included with the purchase. 

Hand shaped longboard so there is no available volume. 

15% discount on any fins, traction, leashes and board bag, when you purchase a used stick from Aegir.

This used board is on consignment. The price is fixed at what we believe to be a reasonable price. Aegir charges the seller a 15% fee once the board is sold with the remaining 85% of the sale going to the owner. If you would like us to take care of selling your used stick, just reach out to us at 347-987-3825 or email aegirboardworks101@gmail.com. 

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Cactus Surfboards