9’0 Odysea Blank Series Log (December 5th)
9’0 Odysea Blank Series Log (December 5th)
9’0 Odysea Blank Series Log (December 5th)
9’0 Odysea Blank Series Log (December 5th)
9’0 Odysea Blank Series Log (December 5th)
9’0 Odysea Blank Series Log (December 5th)

Catch Surf

9’0 Odysea Blank Series Log (December 5th)

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Next batch of Blanks is arriving in store December 5th and can be purchased online for In store pickup. Once the December foamies run out, no more boards until April 2021 so don’t delay. 

Catch Surf is going back to basics with their new Blank Series. The idea is to keep it simple and fun! By being blank, riders can add their own art or flair to customize as they wish! Or they can keep it blank for a stealthy look. Whichever you choose, maximum shred and fun will surely follow!

The 9’0 foamie is a paddling machine. Ya going to catch loads of waves on this board. With 96L, this board will suit the beginner surfer with its wave catching potential and it’s also a sweet board for those smaller summer waves. 

Not sure if you should cop a 9’0 or 8’0 foamie? On the the 9’0 you will catch so many waves, that’s why these are the boards surf schools use. It’s as simple as the more waves you catch, the faster you will progress. The 9’0 is more board so it’s not going to be as easy to turn and carve. Your weight and height are also going to be relevant, for bigger surfers (say 190lb+) go with a 9’0. Smaller surfers can go cop an 8’0. Best bet is to swing by the shop and cop a feel. Put it under your arm and size it up. Or give us a call on 3479873825 and we can talk you through it.  

9’0” x 24.0” x 3.50” (98 Liters) - Surf Shops ONLY.


  • Blank Allows Option to Customize as You Wish!
  • Classic Funboard Shape for Maximum Wave Count
  • Super Fun For All Skill Levels!
  • Tons of Float and Easy Wave Catching
  • Stiff Dual-Composite Core
  • Triple Maple-Wood Stringers
  • Durable HDPE Slick Bottom
  • Old-School PE Deck 
  • Classic Pop-Thru TRI/Thruster Fin Set with Leash Plug
  • Designed in California, U.S.A. by Catch Surf