Carver 31.25" Super Slab Surfskate Complete

Carver 31.25" Super Slab Surfskate Complete

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Next Carver delivery arriving March! IN STORE PURCHASES ONLY.

Triton models arrive mid-March, all other Carvers are slated for late March. We are taking pre-orders and will contact customers as they arrive. Contact us at if you have questions.

With the same deep-dish Hyperspoon concave nose, this in-between sized Super model is a bit wider for it’s length, and with standard 70mm wheels it’s also a bit lower than the
Super Surfer, adding a bit of stability. Airbrush by longtime friend of the brand and creator of Da Monsta, Todd Proctor.

Width: 10 1/8"

Wheelbase: 17 1/4"