FCS II Performer PC Thruster Fin Set (Large)
FCS II Performer PC Thruster Fin Set (Large)


FCS II Performer PC Thruster Fin Set (Large)

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FCS fin guru Richie Lovett breaks down the Performer series: 
""FCS has two options when it comes to ‘All-Round’ fins, but if you had to choose one, it’d be the Performer. This fin has a well-balanced outline with a neutral sweep angle, and therefore offers a balance of speed, flow and response. It’s no wonder the Performer is the most widely used fin in the world, because it can be paired with just about any board, and can be used across a wide range of conditions from beach breaks to point breaks". 


PERFORMANCE CORE. Versatile RTM construction delivers a consistent feel similar to a traditional fiberglass fin, but with the advantage of reduced weight. The stiff flex pattern extends progressively from the base through to the tip helping the surfer to maintain drive and hold through a turn. PC fins are reliable, very responsive, and can be used in a variety of different conditions.


A wide range of conditions from beach breaks to point breaks.


Recommended for all board types.


  Base   4.25" / 108mm  4.37" / 111mm   4.48" / 114mm
  Depth   4.43" / 112mm  4.55" / 115mm  4.67" / 118mm
  Area   14.03"² / 9054mm²    14.81"² / 9554mm²    15.58"² / 10054mm²  
  Sweep   33.7 degrees  33.7 degrees  33.7 degrees
  Foil   Inside  Inside  Inside

Please Note: this fin is designed to be used exclusively with the FCS II Fin System, and will not fit in the traditional FCS Dual Plug System.