Metal Metal Induction 8.25" Deck

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Team deck.

The induction graphic pays homage to Ruth E. Norman AKA Uriel, co-founder of the UFO cult, Unarius Academy of Science. She's depicted on the tail, with a freshly branded forehead -- an inductee to the cult of Metal. The connection between Metal and Alien Workshop goes way back. The graphic says it all.

If anyone's looking to join (although we can't condone it):

The LongBoy is the shape developed in 1995 and Fred Gall rode in Timecode (1997 - This highly sought after shape was custom made for Fred & the Metal crew and never available for sale to the public until now. 

Artist: Sean Pryor

Width: 8.25"
Length: 33.5"
Wheelbase: 15.25"

You can purchase griptape separately here