Politic Taylor Nawrocki Population Control 8.12"

Politic Taylor Nawrocki Population Control 8.12"


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So let me tell you a thing about this blowhard I saw on TV last night...the guy was just up there, pontificating, running off at the mouth about stuff he clearly didn't know about but was getting ridiculously overpaid to say, and I'm watching with my roommate right, and I totally look over and point like, "look at this complete tool", and then I turn to look at the TV again and the dude's eyelids blink sideways! Like WTF!? I asked my roommate Corey if he saw that but Corey's really oblivious and isn't really hip to stuff, you know? He just like sidles up to facts afterward and pretends he was keen the whole time. But like, whatever, I like totally saw this dude blink sideways and I got to thinkin, man it's like that Roddy Piper movie with the glasses but like, I only have my DVR as a weapon and I gotta convince the world that this turd is a friggin' human reptile hybrid!

I don't know who to trust though...probably Politic. They made this sick board for Taylor Nawrocki and they definitely know what's up about our clandestine reptilian overlords.

This board is sized 8.12" x 32"