5'10" Pyzel Phantom

Regular price $ 425.00

This board is designed as a daily driver for waves that range from 2-7’. After testing it in waist to 1’ foot overheard I would say this board excels in these types of conditions.

Jon Pyzel created the Phantom with the same DNA as the Ghost. The Ghost is a HPSB for waves that excel in waves in 4-10’+. The Ghost and Phantom both have their wide point front from center with extra foam under the chest for paddle assistance. They also have a relaxed entry rocker to help with paddling and extra speed down the line. The back half of both the Ghost, and Phantom are all performance and these two boards excel in the pocket and off the bottom.

The Phantom is very user friendly and I highly recommend it for intermediate to advanced surfers."

Great condition! Extremely well done nose repair.

5’10 x 19.5 x2.5 

30.1 L

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