Speed Egg by Gunn Surfboards 7’0
Speed Egg by Gunn Surfboards 7’0
Speed Egg by Gunn Surfboards 7’0

Speed Egg by Gunn Surfboards 7’0

Gunn Sufboards

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Nose 15”

Width 22.75”

Tail 16.5

Thick 3

The ride of the Speed Egg is a smooth flowing journey that arcs somewhat longer turns and connects sections as well as anything under the sun. If you have ever snowboarded in over 3 feet of powder then you already know the feeling. The glide is fast, but precise and controlled. You don’t so much as link turns, as much as frontside and backside blending together to slice through the face of the wave. Or if you want, you can point and go as the Speed Eggs are deceptively fast…like Millennium Falcon fast. Which is pretty fast.

The Speed Eggs have some thickness in the middle under your chest to aid float, paddling power and wave-catching ability but are foiled out significantly in the nose and tail. There is a single channel on the bottom that funnels water out the back and a 5 futures box set up to optimize your fin options. They are a tad faster with a quad setup, but work well with a thruster configuration as it loosens the tail a bit.

This Speed Egg has a Royale Blue tint on the bottom and rails with a clear deck. For additional good looks, it comes with a combo glass / matte finish with a cloth deck patch and AEGIR’s signature image inlaid onto the bottom. 

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