Triple 8 Saver Series Protective Pack Sunset

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Offering the best defense against unfriendly asphalt, Triple 8 pads are sleek, comfortable and durable.

We've taught a lot of kids how to skate and these are the pads we rely on. This is a combo pack and the wrist, knee and elbow pads are all equally important so please explain to your kid that they need to wear all 3. 

Size guide: the official word from Triple 8 is to measure hand circumference at the knuckles (in inches) and match to the sizes listed below;

Junior 6 - 7" 

Small 7 - 8"

Medium 8 - 9"

Large 9 - 10"

From our experience, the Junior pads will usually fit a 4-10 year old, under 50lbs. 


  • Wristsaver wrist guards
  • Kneesaver knee pads
  • Elbowsaver elbow pads

Triple Eight