Since opening in 2012, we’ve aimed to make skateboarding a bigger and better part of Aegir, stocking the store with some of the best decks and accessories for all ages and skill levels.

For teens and adults, we have choice wood from Doom Sayers, Techne, Pass~Port, WKND, Baker, Alien Workshop, Powell Peralta, Pocket Pistols, Traffic, Magenta, and - plus we’re proud to support local brands like Coda, 5Boro, Theories, Hopps, Nimbus, Dunno, Bridge, Picture Show, and Thumbs.

For kids, we have sick completes perfect for our skate lessons and beginners.

And if popsicles aren’t your flavor, we have cruisers from Globe, Arbor, Santa Cruz, and Carver for all your freewheeling city needs.