Surfboard Repairs in Brooklyn, New York


Since 2012, Aegir Boardworks has been repairing surfboards at our shop in Brooklyn. Most of our repairs are done at the shop. Fixing boards involves dealing with a lot of sanding dust and toxic chemicals that stink (PU resin!). We repair boards because we enjoy it and get stoked to check out boards from a lot of different shapers. 

We can't do a quote without looking at your board in-person but here is a guide to what we charge: 

  • Fin box replacement ($100 per box) for Futures, FCS I, FCS II. Longboard box $150. 
  • Creased boards - $100 (we don’t repair snapped boards). 
  • Leash plug replacements - $60. 
  • On all our repairs we do 3 layers - a strong Cabofill, 6oz fiberglass, final hot coat. Epoxy or PU, we can do both.
  • If you need a ding fixed by a certain date please call the shop to check. 
  • Color matching - our standard ding repair is going to be white. For boards that have been sprayed a color, we can try and match the color of the ding repair to your board.  Don't expect an exact color match, especially if it's some obscure color or a kaleidoscope spray. 

Free Quotes 

To get an accurate quote you will need to bring your board into the shop. Sorry but it’s impossible to accurately quote a ding over the phone.

Email if you have any questions. 
Most of our repairs fall between $60-$100.

Please give us a call us if you have any other questions: 347-987-3825