Surfboard Consignment

Got a quiver of boards that you've been taking out less and less? Is your partner tired of sharing real estate with your sticks? Are you moving?

If you're looking to downsize or make a bit of cash on your board, we're here to help. We know that it's a pain to shlep around the city, meeting Craigslist buyers who waste your time with endless negotiations and hustles. Here at Aegir, we aim to take the hassle out of selling and buying used boards. Sellers can depend on fair appraisal with just a 15% consignment fee, plus our costs for making boards sellable and surfable, i.e. repair and wax removal.

Note: We do not sell consignment accessories, so leave your leashes, bags, and fins at home. Also, do not bring waxed boards to the shop - they must be stripped of wax before arrival.

Buyers can depend on secondhand boards that are watertight and ready to surf. Sellers can look forward to the piece of mind of having a brick and mortar surf shop, with years of professional experience, selling their boards on multiple platforms.

Got questions or interested in selling? Contact us at 347-987-3825 or You can also shoot us a DM on Instagram @aegirboardworks